Sour faces!

Sour faces!

Wow, there is a like button there now! Yes, I like this Louise! Two of the ladies have sucked lemons and the third one is having fun. Great drawing!<br />Greetings from Nice!

Excellent they are really expressive Louise

You&#39;ve captured that sour faced look really well Louise, I&#39;ve had a go at this too but found it incredibly difficult and binned it! Perhaps we should have a go at other expressions e.g. horror, frustration, anger, fear?

You look a darned sight more attractive than I did when I photographed myself with a &#39;sour&#39; face!! Great - I like all the different expressions - great sketch. I am going to do one - a growing band of &#39;sour faces&#39; eh?!

lol, they were painted quickly while looking in the mirror. I now have face ache. A bit of fun and thank you all for being so nice. Looking forward to perhaps seeing a few more sour faces?

I had an orange at lunch time and I must have looked something like the one in the centre. Great sketch.

I can&#39;t imagine you being able to pull a sour face, you come over as so humerous and kind Louise. I like how you have added the flesh tones with one sweep of the brush, so very clever :)

Lovely as always Louise. This one&#39;s quite funny as well.

Very individual faces Louise. The one on the right looks more approachable! ;)

Love this, Louise! You look suitably peeved!

Thank Seok, Fiona, Sarah, Glennis, Kal and Carole. I&#39;d seen a couple of &#39;sour faces&#39; (I mean drawings, not actual sour in the gallery here and so had to try one myself!

Sorry this can&#39;t be the lovely Louise

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