Summer Evening

Summer Evening

I love the elements of negative painting in the trees. Do you mask the lighter shapes or paint around them?

This is excellent. Wonderful shapes and colours. Your gallery is super - I love it.

Thank you Olga and Avril for your comments! It is always encouraging to receive feedback. In answer to Olgas question I have used masking fluid on the finer branches of the trees which I apply quickly with a thick needlle using upward strokes. The larger trees I paint round, using my brush-no pencil lines! Also use masking fluid on the roofs of the houses. I think that my training in textile design influences my work!

You paint such beautiful pictures - even knowing your techniques, I don't think I could do this myself, but then - why would I want to? You paint unique work, fabulous colour, marvellous transparency, it's more than enough for me just to enjoy it. I love all your work, and wish you success with it.

hi Louise. This is lovely. i like your style and as Olga says , your clever use of negative painting. I think your trainging in textile design is obvious. It almost looks like a rich tapestery.

this is wonderful louise

A riot of colour , you certainly have your own style , lovely painting and gallery.

Before I saw that you have a background of textile design, I felt that your landscapes, which I vastly prefer of all your paintings had a 'woodblock' feel to them. The beautiful shapes you use have an organic feel. I'd love to see you try this style of landscape painting in combinations of greens, blues and yellows!

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