Guess who?

Guess who?

Excellent drawing Louise. I've no idea who it is (not really familiar with UK TV/news personalities, although I did guess the Queen, Prince Charles and Mrs Thatcher !) but its a really striking image of what looks like a rugged, strong-willed individual : you have managed to put all these characteristics into the drawing. Is this really just one line ? Did you do it upside down ? Amazing.

What programme Gudrun?..LOL. Thank you Sharon. It's odd, but I'm not good at portraits. I've tried painting family members with disastrous results. Then I rush these off and people recognise who they are. I started off drawing this chap upside down (starting at the top of his head at the bottom of my paper) and then added some detail and strengthened the lines in places the right way up. The building was drawn the right way up as well!. My line is broken as I will be if I keep this up..LOL

You've achieved a really good likeness to Michael Palin Louise so I do hope that was what you intended! The strengthening of the lines has worked really well too.

I was teetering between Michael Palin and Tony Benn (although he hasn't exactly been in the news recently!) Think it must be MP. I like the far reaching look on his face - it's a great strong portrait - who says you are not good at portraits??? I have seen you improve and improve in doing them since you started the one liners.

Christine is right, it's Michael Palin! Thea, I'm not good at skin tones and these are only small. I can paint figures but am not happy painting detailed facial features with the added pressure of getting a decent likeness. I think that to master portraits one has to spend a lot of time and concentration which isn't how I work preferring a quick result. Also, watercolour isn't the easiest of mediums for portraits as mistakes can't be corrected. I admire people who can paint them, especially in watercolour.

Gudrun, you're right! I'd hoped to have to give a few clues but you got it first time. :)

Love the strong lines and the bold washes, Louise. Splendid work!

Very striking portrait Louise, IA like the way hou have balanced it with one of your buildings.

Great drawing Louise! I very much like the building behind him, it creates a special feeling to it.,skin colour looks very good too!

Michael Palin I thought too, he is in a spooky drama at the moment Louise

Thank you Stephen, Seok and Satu. Carole, yes he is and advertised in the TV pages, the photo for which, I used as my ref. I'm not keen on anything ghostly Gudrun. I have to understand what's going on !!

Hang on Studio Wall

This one is more tricky, that's unless you get the same paper as me, in which case, you might have seen the photo I used for my reference. I'm using the backs of old paintings for these, paintings which are languishing in my 'art drawer' and now have rather a lot of strange looking one line faces on their backs. This scrap of paper already had a strip of blue paint across the top half which I utilised for the sky as I'm not one to waste paper..LOL

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