Two metre challenge!


You are so good at these Louise, top work!

Absolutely excellent, Louise!

Love these lively girls of yours, Louise. Great fun. (Two metre challenge? Have I missed one? Thought it was reflections.)

What a change for your girls! From disco dancing to wearing masks, within a few months. Echo’s the current times.

Nice one Louise, very apt! Lovely composition in your distinctive style and colours.

Brilliant Louise,

Many thanks all. It's a very quick painting as you might have guessed, inspired by life today and from having read the words 'Two metre challenge' under the pol 'News' thread. My version doesn't really meet the challenge which was more about painting tall animals and plants. An idea to get children involved but I couldn't resist this two metre version after all the social isolating we're going through at the moment. Also, I'm not a painter of animals. Reflections, which Lewis mentioned aren't really my thing either :)

Thanks Tessa. We went for a walk this morning and it was good to see everyone keeping their distance. Not just from

So imaginative and spontaneous Louise.

Thank you Heather and Carole x

Full of life, this piece, Louise. super!

I have this crossing the road as I go into town to shop, and waving at people self-isolating in their bedrooms. One chap was hanging out of the window for a bit of fresh air and a scout about.

People seem to be much more friendly, considerate and willing to help others just now I find. Lets hope when all this is over, we're better people. Hope you're ok Gudrun x

Many thanks Maureen!

Full of life and optimism Louise. Beautifully painted.

Super Louise! Glad I found this, even the cat staying away from the bird ;))

Hang on Studio Wall

Keeping their distance, two metres apart!

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