Tower blocks 3

Tower blocks 3

It's great and it is larger than a thumbnail sketch. The colours really work and I like the shapes and angles you have created.

Spontaneity at it's best Louise, wish I was brave enough to dive straight in with the brush. I like the round no entry sign amongst all the angles :)

Many thanks Val and Gudrun. It isn't quite he effect I was trying for, not spontaneous enough for me Val, but your comments are very encouraging!

Wonderfully spontaneous work. I do like the way you have blurred the centre tower - quite unexpected and it makes you stop and think. Lovely colours, but then you are always so good with picking just the right palette.

I think you are very brave to go straight in with the brush, Louise. A successful, beautiful result!

Great workLouise

Thank Thea, Mia and Petra. Kind words from you all but I'm not finished with this particular subject just yet. My brush strokes are a little too tight, I wanted something a lot looser and more atmospheric. My own personal challenge I suppose..Oh, the joys of

I was just about to say....before I read your comment above.....this seems quite tame compared to your previous two sketches. I still love your ability to produce spontaneous works of art whatever the theme or application. Looking forward to seeing the 'wild' version!

Another in a great 'series' - a wild Louise - now there's a thought!

Thank you Fiona and Michael, I shall think 'wild' before I start the next one, either that or have a glass of

Great painting Louise with some lovely colour combinations. I feel that this would work better without the street sign as it would get it a bit closer to the blur between abstraction and representation which I personally think you are interested in?

Thanks Joseph. I appreciate your words and agree that you're probably right but it's too late now.. Also, perhaps I should slow down and think more about my composition. My problem is though that if I plan too much, I might loose the spontaneity I'm aiming for. They don't always work but when they do (the two posted before this one did) then I'm pleased that I just painted instinctively without any pre drawing or much planning. I console myself with the thought that I can't win them all and then delete them when no one's looking. lol

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Straight in with the brush! 35 cm x 27 cm

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