From Deansgate Station

From Deansgate Station

Now that is quick Louise! Also a very nice, fresh result.

Difficult perspective Louise, nicely done.

Wow, this is great, Louise. You know I love pen and wash and this is a beautiful exemple of it.

Thanks Stephen, Mia and Peter. It was quick Stephen. I had to draw something instead of carrying on with the abstract I'm trying to finish and keep putting off. lol

That's a fantastic amount of information for a 20 min sketch Louise, love the feel of it.

Thanks Fiona. I can rush this off and now I just can't add dark colour to my abstract which I'm scared of ruining. Is it just me who feels like this sometimes? lol (not) !

I think you have developed wings Louise

Lovely sketch, so free and fluid -super.

No wings involved Dennis! There's what they call a 'walkway' from the station which gives this view. Many thanks Willie. I don't draw first with pencil or try to be accurate..straight in quickly with the pen which adds to the spontaneous feel hopefully :)

Spontaneous and lively and a place I know well

Lovely pen work and beautiful washes . Done in twenty minutes..impressive.

Decisive Louise! I'm paralysed today!

Thank you Richard. It always surprises me how I don't look properly until I sketch a scene. Then I spot things I've never noticed before. I feel that I know this part of Manchester well now ! Thank you's smallish and not terribly accurate but at least recognisable :) Tomorrow will be better hopefully Marjorie. I say that to myself a lot when painting. lol

New point of view. Very springful!

Thanks Juris. I used a photograph of mine for reference, no leaves on the trees here just yet :)

A lovely pen and wash Louise. lovely colours

Lovely! Your style is very relaxed here and this is full of interest Louise.

thanks Gudrun, David and Sarah. I'd thought it was a bit too relaxed Sarah. The white car driver in the foreground needs to turn the steering wheel (yes, it's a car) lol

Love your bird's eye views, brill Louise.

Very nicely done Louise.

Hang on Studio Wall

A quick pen and wash sketch (about 20 mins) of the view from Deansgate Station. Manchester.

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