Early Christmas-Sketchbook-Water soluble pencils

Early Christmas-Sketchbook-Water soluble pencils

Even Santa can't be bothered that early! Brilliant drawing as always Lew.

Topical subject beautifully drawn Lew. Magic... (-:

Well if you can't beat'em, join'em Lew, lovely use of your ink pencils, you really can tell you are enjoying them, your drawings have a much softer approach 😀

Thank you Carole, Jim and Linda. Yes Linda, they do look different to my normal pencil drawings, using the brush does soften the marks. I like these new pencils and the way the brush allows me to push the marks around. I think it's slightly quicker to get a result too.

So true Lewis. Everyone is fed up of the hype by the time December arrives. Great drawing skills as usual Lewis.

It'll be Easter eggs in the shops soon Lewis and now the supermarkets are advertising cheap booze for Halloween. I remember the 'bobbing for apples' days. Non of these horrible costumes that they're selling in the shops now! This is such a good drawing though and their expressions are perfect :)

Ha Ha. Nice to know that Santa thinks September is far too early as well :) Your new soluble pencils are working well Lewis.

Marvellous drawing Lewis, I feel you are liking the soluble pencils!

Great drawing, Lew. It looks quite painterly to my eye and is a delightful shift in style. The satirical look at Christmas is brilliant. It's difficult to keep positive about the whole proceedings when Xmas is with us for three months. Bah, humbug!! *smile* Bri

Thanks again for all your comments.

Great and I agree, Wake me in December !

Hang on Studio Wall

Nothing new here, this subject has come up several times already on POL. So just an excuse to play with my new soluble pencils. On the same theme, I've noticed there's a TV channel devoted entirely to Christmas films, and we're not into November yet!!!

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