Sketchbook - art critics.

Sketchbook - art critics.

As usual I really like their expressions.

Brilliant, Lewis. I have a thing about critics. Food critics that can’t cook, art critics that can’t paint, Etc. Your characters capture these bumptious, arrogant, twerps perfectly. Glad I got that off my chest😀.

Critics, who loves em. Great stuff Lew, love Mr Dicky Bow..(-:

Great characters Lew.

Hope that’s not one of mine they are looking at, I feel a panic coming on!!! Brilliant characters Lewis you create some wonderful expressions in your drawings.

Captured perfectly.

It's great. Why do Art Critics always wear Bow Ties? Is it a job requirement, or does the job turn them into sartorial oddities?

Great expressions as always, Lewis, Critics!!! Everyone's pet dread!

Hee hee - the art critics I really hate aren't the grim old buggers and buggarette shown here (like the pointy talons) but the smoothy-chopped arbiters of taste (and market-value) such as the trendily-dressed, manicured horror who sat on the BBC In it for the Monet (or whatever the abortion called itself) programme. The majority of art-critics should always be ignored, or preferably subjected to summary execution; the good ones are rare indeed - Robert Hughes, John Berger, and (when on form) Brian Sewell. All of whom have the distinction of being dead, unfortunately. I enjoyed Sewell's comment on a painting - he 'congratulated' the painter on producing something that Howard Hodgkin would be proud of; he loathed Hodgkin. Most critics get it more or less right sometimes, though - yes, even the Guardian's Jonathan Jones.

Thank you for your comments, I wondered if this might strike a nerve here and there. I'm an avid consumer of art programs etc...the great thing is that what they say is not set in stone (that may be a shock to some of the critics). We all have our own opinions. In fairness I wouldn't like to be an art critic or judge a competition...I'm not always sure that it's possible for one painting to be 'best in show'.

Excellent characters Lewis, I love the woman's eyes!

Well at least they’re taking the job seriously!

Good portrayal Lewis, I cringe sometimes when we have critiques at our art club.

Seth is right in what he says about critics. I personally don't mind criticism as long as it is constructive. ONLY way we can learn sometimes.

Hang on Studio Wall

A quickish sketch done before this unnatural heat brought on a bout of laziness. I don't know why I'm having a go at art critics, because we are all critics at some level. Any excuse to draw something. Pencil A5 sketchbook.

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