The Hunting of the Snark.

The Hunting of the Snark.

Haha. Brilliant, the look on the face of the Snark, and the way the Bellman rests his telescope on the Bankers head.

Something light hearted on a Sunday morning has cheered me up Lewis. Fabulous as usual.

Keep em rolling Lewis. They're as necessary as the morning news. Great work.

It's behind you! Good job Lew.

Absolutely brilliant.

I dare not look Lewis.....I might disappear in a cloud of smoke! Brilliant!

Thanks to all for having a look and taking the time to comment. Great encouragement!

Another gem Lew. I like the snark ,he seems A good chap

Tee hee ... They have clearly failed to realize, as yet, that the Snark is a Boojum.

Great fun, Lewis. You always brighten my day, Thank you!

He’s behind you! Excellent as usual Lewis.

This is brilliant Lewis. Just love the Snark watching them from right behind, looks a bit like he's thinking it might be meal time!

That man in brown reminds me of the walrus.

I like this :)

Hang on Studio Wall

One I did a couple of months ago. It's from Lewis Carroll's nonsense poem. He doesn't describe the Snark, apparently if anyone sees one they disappear in a cloud of smoke. pen and watercolour. The text put on in photoshop.

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