Fred's Dream - Page 22 - A whole lot of expounding going on.

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"Things" are getting serious - and just when it is getting towards my bedtime!! (21.22 hours here in NZ) will be lying awake wondering how Fred is getting on . Just keep the fantasy coming , Lewis , the whole concept and execution is great.

Things are looking up. Another intriguing episode Lewis.

SO SO good ... can't wait for the next one

Another excellent episode Lewis.

Always look forward to your posts Lewis, keep up the good work.

Can’t wait for the next episode Lewis. Brilliant stuff.

Their excitement is palpable - just brilliant Lewis.

Wonderful work, Lewis - looking forward to the next one!

I'm expecting a few " bouncings off the wall".....

I was wondering, do you know how a story will end or does it take on a life of its own, Lewis? Enjoying this so much.

Enjoying the storyline as much as the illustrations, Lewis! Like Katy, I wondered if you had the story already mapped out, or just work it out as you go along?

Is Madame L’estrange going to cheat them? Or are they going to be stinking rich and then loose the desire to paint. Will they spend their riches on wine women and song or even worse, cigarettes and drugs. Can’t wait!

Thanks very much to everybody for your wonderful response. Katy and Jenny asked if I had it all mapped out. The short answer is no. I have 'headings'...I mean a brief note about what's going to happen. It does seem to have acquired a life of its own, in that I keep thinking of new stuff and characters. I'm hoping to wrap it up this year, so some of the new characters won't appear. Things change...I now have four characters producing art. Initially their paintings were going to be 'scribbles'...I tried it, and obviously it didn't look right. So I have to produce pics in 4 different styles. I'll never manage that. They'll all look like my stuff.

How exciting can't wait to see the next one :)

How exciting! I hope to see many red dots in the next episode lewis. Always great work and ideas.

Hang on Studio Wall

Got to set the scene, so very wordy. This of course is fantasy...fantasy.

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