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That did make me chuckle, have you been thinking of trying it yourself, brilliant lewis,looking forward to the next one.

So funny and great work as always

Hmm that does look fun, and I was just thinking what to do today!

Have thought very hard of trying your suggested technique , Lewis , but don't think that (a) I could get off the ground and (b) my shape lacks interest. Ah well , back to the drawing board. You obviously have a very fertile imagination - and the ability to present it - keep the smiles coming.

Love it, made me laugh!

Thanks very much everyone, for your comments. Mike...if ever you do persuade yourself to try this method, you'll have to show us the result.

Brilliant storyline & artwork.

Great humour and artwork Lew, the new addition to the studio will go down well.

Super Lewis, but I won't be trying it!

This would be a great idea for 'challenge of the month!'

Always excellent Lewis great style and professional work on every level

We once went to the modern art gallery in Nice. If I remember correctly, there was a photo of how a piece was created in The Thirties. The artist covered naked women in chocolate and they rolled around on the canvas...what happened after that is anyone's guess🤭. Had to tell you, it brought back the memory.

Whatever next Lewis? Brilliant as ever.

Thanks once again to all who've taken the trouble to comment. Marjorie, that's interesting...I've based mine on Yves Klein who did a similar thing in the 1960's. I've posted a topic about all this in the forum, if anyone's interested.

Once again, great stuff Lewis. The daily chuckle.

Love these Lewis.

I think it may have been Yves Klein, Lewis. He was linked to the gallery I think, certainly to the area.

Fun indeed! Great artwork and story, love it!

Made me chuckle, this Cleo is going to be trouble!

Great episode today Lewis- but I don’t think I’ll be trying that anytime soon!

Brilliant Lewis! I’m just making custard, mmmm........where’s that extra large canvas!

🤣 brilliant Lewis

Thanks again to everybody for your great response to this image.

How do you think of them? What a good idea! Great work as usual, Lewis

Great skill and humour Lewis.

Made me chuckle Lew. I think we should all send in selfies of our extreme art attempts

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