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I think Cleo going to be popular in this marvellous series.

Thank you Stephen. I just noticed some errors in the text...despite my checking before posting. Post something and the errors SHOUT at you. I've corrected it but can't alter this image unless I completely re-post. Don't think I'll bother...nothing too awful.

Another great episode Lewis.

Enjoying this series, Lewis.

I suspect things are going to be looking up for Fred!

Thank you Denise, Jenny and Heather. You must be a matchmaker, Heather. I haven't even thought about that.

Things seem to be looking up! Wonder what will happen next?

So good once again , better than most tv series. Great story and beautifully illustrated Lew.

Lewis , you may have spotted "errors" - it is doubtful whether anyone else will - just blame it on the translation service. !!

Really good, Lewis, (love the dejected expressions !) Look forward to seeing how Cleo will fit in.

Ooo La La, Cleo. What now, cant wait for the next instalment Lewis.

Thanks to all who've commented or had a look, it's very much appreciated.

Ho,Ho Ho, ooh la la and all that, leather jacket and green hair, Oh my, the boys better beware. Brilliant Lewis.

Nobody is interested in errors your stories are too interesting Lewis. As always, beautiful art work.

Hang on Studio Wall

Well I did something else after the last page of this. I finally made a Christmas Card for family and friends. Too early to show that. So now I'm back on Fred's dream. Mixed media.

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