Fred's Dream - Page 14. (Mixed media).

Page 14 small

I'm enjoying this series Lew, hope I haven't missed one ;)

Thank you Carole. There was a big gap in my doing these. But if you want to check (probably you won't), there's a folder called 'Fred's Dream' in my gallery. Oddly they are not shown in order, but they are all there. I've titled them all with page numbers. 1 - 14 so far.

Thanks Lew will have a peek;)

This a fascinating series, great storyline.

Enjoying this series, great sketches and humour.

Brilliant as usual, Lewis! (love that dog too).

Excellent work once again Lew, love reading the storyline as well seeing the great artworks.

Been following this excellent series from the start, Lew, and love the very colourful artwork. I’m sure Fred will have a style of his own.

Fascinating Lewis - including keeping the characters "identifiable" each time -another good one to go to bed with (22.41 hours over here ). Keep them coming.

Thanks to everybody for your very kind comments.

Am enjoying this series too ... and looking forward to the next.

Brilliant as always Lewis - hope the pause isn't too long!

Woohoo, crack open the champagne!!

Well done Fred, and Lewis!

Enjoying the characters and the story!

Great stories, great characters great art !!

I am enjoying this so much. Great story and very skilful drawing

Love it Lew!

Brilliant characters Lewis. So well drawn.

Hang on Studio Wall

This follows on from where Emil found Madame L'Etrange waiting in his room. I need to pause with this now...I have to decide how Fred is going to paint.

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