Fred's Dream. Page 8.


Love the evolving story ... we need more of Fred.

Very enjoyable

Great pen work Lew, I doe enjoy following Fred, bit like following Andy Capp many years ago.

Are you setting Fred up for falling into Papy's murky underground art world (a bit of a story?) loving the story so far.

Posted by Bob Ward on Thu 01 Oct 09:32:12

Another welcome page for my bed time story. Keep them coming. Off to bed now - once I have washed my brushes !!

Thanks to everybody for your comments...appreciated. Bob, I have a few murky characters in mind. Maybe Papy is one of them.

Can't wait for the next instalment Lewis

Super story coming along here, Lewis. I'm already intrigued! Great art work!

Can’t wait for the next episode Lewis. Your work is so engaging and a joy to view.

Great fun, Lewis!

Thank you Russell, Thalia, Carole and Anne.

I may have missed a few pages Lewis, I hope it is heading to a happy conclusion.

Thank you Fiona and Gudrun.

Get caught up with the characters, Lewis, and forget the drawing and painting skill, which you have in abundance.

Great characters and beautifully drawn as ever, Lewis.

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Another page. Not much happening here...need a bit of story.

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