Fictional Villains-Annie Wilkes from Stephen King's 'Misery'.

Annie Wilkes-small

She fits the story perfectly 😱

Very very scary.

Great portrait of a dreadful woman but the actress who played her Kathy Bates was first class!

Great character Lewis. I liked the film.

Excellent artwork Lew, she looks total mad.

I’m scared!

You’ve captured her insane look perfectly Lewis.

I'm enjoying this series of fictional villains! The crazy eyes and smile really leap of the page.

Makes me shiver thinking about her Lew.

Great film and this is a brilliant portrayal of the evil villain Lewis

Spot on. I never read any more Stephen King after Rose Madder; deeply disturbing.

Have read Misery Lewis. Very good coloured pencil and yes scary !

Ooerrr.....Lewis, she is seriously locco. Great characterisation. Good book.

Thank you very much for your comments everyone.

The Eye's have it Lewis.

Oh my goodness Lewis, those eyes and axe look so scary!

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A famous author is injured in a car crash, he's found by nurse Annie, who takes him to her remote home. She's his number one fan, until she finds out he's killed off her favorite character in his latest book. She goes ga-ga. Moral...remember to avoid upsetting a deranged nurse. Another one I may revisit, that's how it's going for me at the moment, but I'll do all eight characters before I try again. Coloured pencil. 6 x 4 inches.

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