Disgusted, of Tunbridge Wells. A4 Sketchbook. Mixed media.

Disgusted, of Tunbridge Wells.  A4 Sketchbook.  Mixed media.

Great stuff

Great social comment. We had one called Fresh Air of Shadwell!

Spot on Lew, even down to the fountain pen and is that a dictionary to check he has the correct words of complaint!?

Thanks for your comments. I've never heard of the 'Fresh Air of Shadwell'. It IS meant to be a dictionary, Tessa. I was intending to name it 'A glossary of contemptuous words', but thought I had enough text in the picture anyway.

He looks determined Lewis. He’s not at peace.

still have my fountain pen - 63 years now !!!!!!

Ha ha, think we all know someone similar to this chap

Thank you Lewis for that engaging story. Your character rings a bell with a few old men I know, who complain about everything and are miserable sods. I notice your character is left handed. Was that done on purpose? A brilliant caricature of Mr Disgusted.......I particularly love his ears and upside down frown.

Typical "grumpy old man" :) I could have done with his help this morning to compose my letter of complaint to British Gas! Another good one Lewis.

Nice one Lewis

Brilliant Lewis, I'm apparently morphing into this character at a rate of knots according to my children

Indeed, Mike! I still use my fountain pen...to write replies to Disgusted!!! Wonderful, Lewis, spot on!!! Hilarious. Made my brilliant day [plein air with friends at long last] even happier. A huge THANK YOU!!!!

Ha, spot on as ever. Our local paper has a few similar Lew. Outraged keyboard warriors intent on trolling mischief. More to be pitied than scorned.

Thanks to all who've commented, always welcome and encouraging. I didn't think about whether he would be left-handed, it just happened.

I'm sure that we all know someone just like this Lewis. Highly entertaining and so well painted as usual.

Great work, great humour and wonderfully observant, Lew. I love the doubling up on the teenagers and, of course, the sign to the right. (His left) Bri

That’s hilarious and a fabulous piece , I know someone exactly like that who’s always in a state of rage ......Over here I call these people the “ I may not be always right but I’m never wrong “ brigade

Hang on Studio Wall

I thought everyone had heard of this chap, but my wife hadn't. So, just in case...'Disgusted of Tunbridge Wells' has become a generic name for people who habitually write letters of complaint to newspapers etc. It stems from a real person (apparently), who didn't sign off with his real name but would write...'yours truly, Disgusted of Tunbridge Wells.' An old saying, but still in use. I was watching 'Have I got news for you' recently, and it cropped up in that show. That's what prompted this visualization. Watercolour, gouache, coloured pencil and pen.

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