Ode To The Masters

Ode to The Classics (14x18,300)

Striking portrait Skylar. An almost Biblical aspect to this.

Jim - Thanks so much! Yes, I think the beard and lighting conjure a lot of classically Biblical imagery.

I was also going to use the word striking as it really suits this portrait

Diana - Thank you very much! I have played with image for a while. I hadn't done this style since art classes.

So El Greco-esq! I don’t know how the old masters did it. They didn’t have spotlights, so how they have one source of light in a dark room and still have enough light to paint. Joshua Reynolds did the same. Perhaps the just blotted out the bits the didn’t want to paint. I’m trying to achieve the spotlight effect in the portrait I am doing in the forum, but it is hard to know what to leave out. You have done a really good job of this one though.

Superb as always Skylar!

Linda - Thank you! Putting this work in the same sentence is very flattering. I was actually thinking of Vermeer. He almost always placed subjects in front of a window for that light source.

Diana - Thank you very much!

Wow, this is excellent

Romila - Thank you so much!

Natalja - I thank you!

I looked at my book on El Greco, and found the picture which your picture reminded me of. It is “Christ carrying the Cross”, and it hangs in the Met.

Reminds me of Caravaggio - very good.

Linda - Yes, I Know of which painting you speak. I am most flattered.

Hilary - Thank you! Caravaggio is one of my favorites.

You're a bit of a master yourself delightful

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Playing around with the classic style of portraiture, as interpreted by me. 14x18. One primary light source, deep contrasts.

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