Rustica 1A

Rustica 1A

Love the way you have composed the painting. Beautiful details in all the framed paintings on the wall , wow

Romilia - Thank you so much for your comments!

Beautifully done Skylar , I like the painting within a painting.

Paul - Thank so much! That painting within a painting is something rare for me, but it solved a problem.

Really great as usual. The contrasts just work.

Val-Irene - Thank you so much! This has a bit more contrast than my usual, but, as you said, it seems to work.

This is fantastic , light against dark, beautiful colours too.

This is one of your best, Skylar. (Just my opinion, of course.) The previous works on the wall are a knockout, the whole painting works beautifully.

Lovely light and shade Skylar.

Kwok - Thank you! I hope I remember how to do this again some time!

Lewis - I am happy to read comments from you. Thanks so much!

Jill - Thank you so much!

This is exquisite Skylar, everything just gels together beautifully!

Maureen - Thank you so much! I actually reworked this twice. First rework made me want to give up on it. But, as they say, Third time was the charm.

This painting is really beautiful- so much to praise Skylar - real quality artwork.

Shaun - Thank you so very much! I had this "room" sitting in front of me a long time before it came together in this image.

Hang on Studio Wall

A rustic interior. 9x12. I painted the interior Bkg. With the flowers much larger against that dark wall. It didn't work visually, so I redid it. Adding framed pix. (Past pcs. I have painted - just for fun & my ego...

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