Praise indeed

Praise indeed

It's true darling you are God's gift to women! 😂

Good to see you back Michael. Yes let’s be humble about that one. Lol

Ha ha, away he goes...(-:

Good portrait and good humor as ever, Michael.

Nice to see you back Michael, we've missed you !!

A lovely, charming sketch of a very pretty young lady. No wonder she called you God's gift to women!lol!

Don't know how you do it Michael

Thank you all. It's true Carol but I'd rather people didn’t bring the subject up.

You wish!!! Great sketch!

You’re far too modest Michael, I think I can speak for the ladies, we’ve missed you. This looks a simple sketch but it’s quality.

Thanks Fiona. I've missed good friends too. I joined another art class with Joe Hush on Friday, for 11 weeks. There were about 20 of us and guess what, me and Joe are the only men! Tomorrow I,m starting again at the Deerness club which meets once a month. So, it's not gone away, and I'm pleased to still have it.

That’s great Michael, Joe will probably put you through your paces, I like his work. You will have to be careful amongst those ladies, otherwise you’ll be worn out! Lol

One thing I did learn in the first lesson, which was doing a pencil sketch from objects on the table, was that they,re all better than me. But they have all been before, perhaps lots of times. Joe, a smoothly as well as a master, has his women followers too.

Good luck with the ladies Michael;)

Terrific sketching Michael, like your |Pastels too.

Hang on Studio Wall

7B Derwent Graphic Pencil.

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