A man I met in the lavatory of our art group last Tuesday

A man I met in the lavatory of our art group last Tuesday

Great piece and your remarks were so funny Michael great crack mate.

Great figure Michael, still laughing at your words.

Thanks Dennis and Carole.

Well, I like the drawing - the context is almost as interesting .... I find myself wondering how you'd have explained this to the magistrate: we were in the public lavatories, your Worship, and I obviously had to paint him..... Yes..... you do realize, Mr McManus, that this court has heard every sort of excuse over the years? Officer - take him down! Everyone's a critic.... Seriously, though, it's rather good. I hope they let you off with a fine....

Thanks very much Robert. 90% of crime doesn't get reported to the police, thank goodness. And I've always been able to keep a secret. I hope you can.

Michael, I've just sprayed my laptop and Spugs with coffee!!!lol I thought you said you're not getting on very well with pastel, this is/he is magnificent!! Would it be possible for you to personal message me the address of the venue of your art group.......

That's funny Fiona and thanks for being so kind to me. Sorry, apart from the need to avoid female contact, as you will understand from my painful history, I can't tell you the name of my art group in order to protect certain people involved in this incident. I didn't get where I am today by not being able to keep a secret. So, as much as I'd like to be in contact with you, sorry, contact is a no no.

You're not too far from me Mick so if I hotfoot it to your art class, maybe I might get this lucky!! He is very "nice" looking. Hope my heart is strong.

I think you'll need more than a strong heart Adele.

Michael, I quite understand but let me reassure you, you wouldn't have to meet me, I was just intending to hang around the lavatory, like Adele, in case I got lucky! I have a good strong heart and disposition to match....if you're worried.lol By the way, I've ordered the book, thanks for the tip off sounds right up my street.

Thanks for reassuring me Fiona. Perhaps I was a little hasty in my nervousness. Please contact me any time you want. The art group is Chester le Street Art Society each Tuesday. There, now you both know. Bring your anti-exhaustion tablets. You're very welcome re the book and I know you'll enjoy it. There is a review at http://www.bookclubforum.co.uk/community/index.php?/topic/10368-sold-for-a-farthing-by-clare-kipps/ Have a great weekend both of you and rest up in anticipation.

I fear you may well be right Mick - sigh!

Hi Mick, just read the review for 'sold for a farthing', can't wait for it to arrive on my doormat. Thanks for that X

I haven't realised that men strip off completely when they go to the lavatory. Quite extraordinary. Then you wait until an Adonis comes in and you are ready with your pastels....hmm.. Sounds a bit strange this arrangement but the result is quite extraordinary too.

You're very welcome Fiona. Thanks Satu. Yes, it isn't easy but you have to be very patient. A bit like fishing but in the toilet. Have a good weekend.

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Pastel. He said his name was George and spoke with a Geordie accent. There was no life drawing classes that day.

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