Acer Leaves Abstract


Lovely composition, Katy. Love the complementary colour combination.

Beautiful colours and design Katy.

I really like this. Beautiful colour and texture in the background.

Super result Katy, the colour combination is lovely.

It sounds eventful and complicated, Katy. But the result is a beaut.

Lovely Katy. We had an acer with this colour leaves in our garden, beautiful tree. I love the colour combinations in this.

This really looks great. I love it.

Thank you everyone for your positive comments, it was a very quick and spontaneous painting which seemed to work, often they don’t. Directing the spray paint can be tricky.

Sounds fun to do and a lovely effect, especially like the light in the background Katy.

Hang on Studio Wall

Acrylic spray paints over dried acer leaves, which are removed and then picture sprayed with water. Inspired by a beautiful red acer I inherited when my Dad died and an over-squeeze of cadmium red which I spread over a failed painting as a base. 14x11” on acrylic paper

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Katy Dean

I am an amateur artist. I started drawing in 1993 when my husband bought me a £2.50 book on how to draw. I had just lost my horse after 24 years and needed a distraction. I was earning my living, believe it or not, pressing flowers and selling my work at craft shows. In time I introduced a little…

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