Dragonfly, Small White and Bindweed.


I like this Katy. Excellent work.

The green gives your scene a beautiful freshness Katy. Love the Dragonfly.

Really like this Katy.

Thank you for your comments Lewis, Fiona and Diana, really appreciated. I needed a break from bright colours.

Love this Katy. It’s so elegant and the dragonfly is painted superbly.

Good one Katy

Lovely fresh painting, Katy, and the dragonfly stands out well.

There’s so much movement in your work which really appeals and the dragonfly looks wonderful, well done!

Thank you Heather, Carole, Jenny and Nandhini for your comments, I really appreciate the time everyone takes to view and comment with so much wonderful work to look at every day.

This is delightful. Love the dragonfly - beautifully showcased yet appropriately camouflaged.

This is beautiful work Katy. An 'Emperor' dragonfly. They are beautiful creatures aren't they? Intimidating when you see them close up, but completely harmless to us! I could watch them for hours, hawking up and down their 'flight'. Sorry, just remembered this is an art related site! Seriously, I like this picture a lot. Happy painting. John

Hang on Studio Wall

Acrylic and ink sketch on card 7” x 9”. I squeezed too much out of the hookers green tube so used it up to portray the very green and white vista on the side of the bank where I walk each day. All those bright colours of poppies and mallow gone for this year but it’s quite refreshing In its way.

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I am an amateur artist. I started drawing in 1993 when my husband bought me a £2.50 book on how to draw. I had just lost my horse after 24 years and needed a distraction. I was earning my living, believe it or not, pressing flowers and selling my work at craft shows. In time I introduced a little…

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