Clinging on - Drumbeg Coastline


Love the simplicity of the line work in this Katy just enough to give the cragginess and tell the whole story, nice pallet and blending, nice one.

Good line work Katy, love the rocks!!

Lovely line and wash Katy, really like this

I do like line & wash, this is a lovely example.

I like this Katy. Do you put the paint on first or the ink?

Thank you Malcolm, Linda, Hilary, Jacqueline and Diana for your comments, much appreciated. Diana, a bit of both, lightly inked before wash and then while still slightly damp I added some stronger ink for the rocks because I wanted more definition.

Lovely - good line work and colours.

Lovely work - I like the interesting lines and the colours.

Really nice line and wash Katy, like the splash of ?light red

Lovely line and wash drawing.

Love the strong shapes and delicate washes Katy.

Confident painting Katy with a good sense of place and drama.

Lovely seascape Katy.

This is super Katy! Know Drumbeg very well, I lived at Clachtoll which is about 8 miles from Drumbeg along the coast road. Yes it’s a terrific area for this kind of landscape and wind battered trees....if you can find any that is.....the ones that the sheep haven’t managed to reach! I love pen and wash and this is a cracking example.

Thank you all for such encouraging comments. Fiona, this is the second year we have visited the area, the cottage is in Nedd, and we love it there!

All the townships on that coast road are lovely, Ned included. It’s a good base to travel up through Kylesku to Scourie, Tongue and beyond. I miss living there but I also love Bonnie Galloway where I am now. As you have proven there are lots of subjects and inspiration to be found where you were, I look forward to seeing more and the trip down memory lane.

Very good work Katy, I like the balance you have achieved between the pen work and the watercolour. Have you tried using a sharpened matchstick to apply the ink? Edward Wesson used one in his lively line and wash work, you get a more varied line hat way.

Fiona, we have only explored the local area on foot, after a 12 hour drive to get there we only took the car out once to get beer from Drumbeg store, because it’s too heavy to carry! Thank you Maureen, much appreciated. Steven, I have used sticks and quills before, and I agree with you. This was done with a calligraphy type pen with a fine nib. Thanks for your idea about a matchstick, I will try it.

Lovely line and wash painting

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Watercolour and Indian ink on Clairefontaine flamboyant paper 11” x 7” I’m always amazed at how these trees grow in such rocky places and hang on against all the elements throw at them. From my photo on a recent holiday in the North West Highlands

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