Clint squint 27 Feb 2024

Quarter sheet Fabriano wc paper, approx 14" x 10"

Much better, imo, than a stiff exact copy. The watercolour has done its work ( with your help ) excellently - love the palette.

Really well painted Owen.

Nice work Owen.

Very good, your method has worked well

Wonderful Owen.

Great pose and likeness Owen.

Great likeness - love the way youve painted this.

That has worked very well. Far more life in it than a more academic version could offer.

I know how difficult watercolour portraits are and this is great!

Stephen, Kal, Paul, Heather, Denise, Carole, Hilary, Robert, Lynda. Thank you for taking the time and for your encouragement. Marjorie, I like your phrase "The watercolour has done its work". That's a keeper. Cheers.

Just how I remember him Owen.

Very well done indeed

Sylvia, after spending a month with him I look at him very differently. Quite hollow and sunken. He acts with his eyes and jaw. Coral, David and Romila. You're very kind. I wondered if the colours were too vivid to be accepted.

Wonderful portrait, Owen!

Thanks Spencer and Cesare. The likeness is pretty good but I've got a way to go on technique😉

Its my favorite actor very nice painted keep it up - Milind Bhanji INDIA

Thankyou Milind. Yes, he puts so much across with his tone of voice and expression. Nothing wasted.

Hang on Studio Wall

My first Loomis method portrait. Simplifying and emphasising structure rather than faithfully copying the photo. Happy for critiques, advice, negative comments etc.

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Owen Lloyd

Started on Bob Ross. Great fun, fast and confidence building. Progressed to Mark Carder oils. The first time I could paint what saw. Now doing watercolour due to time restrictions. Sloooow progress.

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