A Bundle of Love

Roses and Smoke Tree

Absolutely gorgeous, Georgiana.

A stunning watercolour, as always Georgiana - and a great portfolio to boot!

Wow -stunning!!!

Love the gentle washes and composition of this Georgiana

Beautifully painted Georgiana.

Just beautiful Georgiana.

A beautiful bundle of love Georgiana, fantastic watercolour

Superb Georgiana!

Lovely - I always like what you say about your paintings as well as the way you paint them.

Excellent painting.

Superb - so vibrant

Beautifully painted Georgiana.


i agree absolutely stunning !

Absolutely stunning watercolour Georgiana and a lovely story to go with it.

Super painting, Georgina

Fabulous painting

Very beautiful and I love your description.

Hang on Studio Wall

This bundle of roses with smoke tree (a very special plant that looks like haze and smoke) was a gift from young relatives who would then depart the home town very soon. The bundle contains lots of love and a mist of sadness and uncertainty for the future. Wish every one will be fine and everything will return to normal.

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Georgiana Chu

I love Nature and culture. Dancing and painting have occupied most of my leisure time in the past busier years. I particularly like belly dance and I am looking forward to see how my grand kids will react when they discovered their grand ma had been a belly dancer. However, I have decided it is now…

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