My First Car


Wow, terrific Frank! So much work in the reduction print. You should get your car prints done into cards, they would look so classy. Love the number plate, did you call it “Harry” (ARY) ?

Excellent, what a great old car. You are so good at these prints Frank.

Brilliant linocut, Frank!

Thanks for commenting everyone, Fiona I had some cards done once of an old police panda car painted in watercolour - it sold out, almost! It got called Ary a few times 😊

Great. This is a super technique you have. I always yearned for an original mini, but by the time I could afford one I needed something bigger.

Frank, have you ever tried to get the number plate reissued to you. My husbands first car was a mini and his number plate was URC 8, I tried to get it from DVLC for his 50th birthday but because it had been scrapped they wouldn’t reissue it. You may be lucky and be able to get it....always worth a phone call.

I never thought about getting it back Fiona, but I'm guessing the number is still out there as I did do a number search for it which proved positive, but no details.

Hang on Studio Wall

When I was 19, I bought myself a 1960 Austin Mini Seven and loved it. I went everywhere in it, taught my then girlfriend (now wife) to drive in it and even went to the East coast for a week’s holiday with two mates and slept in it! Didn’t smell too good by the end of the week 😂. This is that Mini in speedwell blue, a reduction linoprint, six layers, eight colours. I like how the tiny specs of missed ink creates patterns and adds character to the work, especially the kerb stones in the foreground.

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