Self - Zorn Palette


You’ve achieved a great portrait with your limited colour palette.

Great job Frank, it’s a great palette for portraits which is what it was initially intended for. I use W&N Blue Black.

I've often wondered how Zorn managed with Ivory Black - very carefully indeed, I should imagine, because (while it's probably changed in composition since his time) I find it horribly greasy and inclined to dirty everything with which it comes into contact. Alan's Blue-Black, or your Payne's Grey, seem to make a lot more sense - both more controllable. You've achieved a great result here anyway, whatever you used!

Yes it's all that is really needed Frank great work

Excellent work. The fact that you've used such a limited palette is astonishing.

Astonishing for such a limited palette.

I recognized you straight away, good self-portrait, Frank.

Superb portrait Frank, you've inspired me to use the Zorn palette in my next painting.

I've used this palette a lot, it's amazing how many different nuances of colour you can achieve. Good portrait Frank - from a photo or a mirror?

Great portrait with such limited colours and I really like that gaze.

Amazing what you achieved with such a limited palette. Full of character.

Thanks everyone, our art club is having a Zorn palette painting evening at the end of this month and I’ve been test the water with this portrait. I will try W&N blue black Alan. I look forward to seeing your painting Russell. Marjorie, I’ve based this on a recent photo of me - I am not one of those artists who think that working from photos is somehow inferior.

Great pose, palette and detail Frank.

A wonderful result Frank!

Great portrait, Frank, and yes I too have used the Zorn palette, and will use Paynes Grey next time as I don't have W&N blue black!

This works beautifully Frank. Convincing.

Hang on Studio Wall

Here I’ve used the four colours that were used by the famous Swedish artist Anders Zorn in many of his paintings. The colours are titanium white, ivory black, cadmium red and yellow ochre (although I’ve substituted Payne’s grey for Ivory Black for a better blue/grey tint). Acrylic on board 30x30cm.

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