Gallery Girls 2

Gallery Girls 2

A smashing subject , those lines and curves..great .

Excellent. Yes, linocut is not as easy as people think!!

This is a fab linocut Frank - lovely detailing and lots of character showing through.

Super print Frank.

Love lino cuts and printed work, Frank, this is nicely done with the all detail on the clothes.

Thanks all, I appreciate your comments. Having purchased some decent tools has made all the difference.

I'm just about to buy some more lino cutting kit, Frank, including Japanese vinyl which apparently is very good to work with. Have you bought the Pfeil tools and, if so, which sizes do you find most useful? I'm planning to get some but they're very expensive and I don't want to spend money on tools I won't use.

Jenny I started with a cheap set of cutters with red plastic handle and interchangeable blades, but they are useless! There is a much better set by German maker ABIG that come in a handy little white box and they are quite good - Amazon sell them, but they are cheaper down at our local Colemans art shop. Yes, I bout my first Pfeil cutter which cuts a finer line ( 11/1 ) but having to buy one at a time as they cost £20 or so each! Haven't heard of Japanese lino, but I'm about to try real lino (with hessian backing) rather than the synthetic type just to see how that works. Best of luck!

Thanks for the info. Frank - totally agree about the red plastic handled tools - I also found them pretty useless and it put me off for a while. I've found a supplier who does the Pfeil tools at £16.50, so might treat myself to some of them!

It works Frank it’s an excellent image

Great design and beautiful lines Frank.

Hang on Studio Wall

Another take on this subject but this time as a linocut. Nearly gave up on it after a long session trying to print it with a bad batch of black ink. Eventually I gave up and used yellow ochre instead, though this turned out to look like gold ink!

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