Name the artist and painting.


Gosh, don't know this at all but what I do know is that it's a lovely painting!

Frank has had us all guessing on the forum, to no avail!

Frank this is a real teaser. I’ve run my battery down twice looking for anything similar to this. I thought at first it could be the American impressionist movement, then thought it look a bit later. Now I’m thinking perhaps 1940’s/1950’s. Haven’t a clue!

Nice rendition of a painting I don’t have a clue about , this is really difficult Frank. Bet you read the comments with a big smile on your face .

The child’s clothes look Thirties maybe.

Couldn't get this in the forum and still can't. At first I thought Winslow Homer, and then Thomas Hart Benton, both American and both do a lot of this kind of subject matter. Don't know.

Fiona is very close!

Ooo….getting warmer woohoo! Which part Frank, the American impressionists or the 40’s/50’s?

I’ve just seen the larger version on the forum Frank, I’m a little wiser.

But its a very nice painting Frank.....

Hang on Studio Wall

This month’s forum topic is the best ever! This is my take on a very small portion of the original artist’s painting. Mine is gouache. Hint: American artist.

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