For Fiona: Blackwater Pier

For Fiona: Blackwater Pier

Nice and loose Jane! Standing up gives the shoulders and arms a more relaxed position and I find that I have the painting more in control than sitting down. Of course if you do something small and detailed it's a different story.

Thanks Satu. I always stand to paint in oils but not for watercolours for some reason. But I will now as I'm trying not to do the small and detailed in any medium for the time being.

Brilliant Jane!! That's three now Satu....we 'stood uppers' need to do some recruiting Lol! Your experiment has certanily paid off Jane, you have a lovely loose but expressive watercolour with lovely tones in the trees. I hope it proves to be a turning point in your technique.

I agree with Fiona. I was sitting down this morning, painting my watercolour, as I do, but I use a high stool. Then I have to stand up to have a look to see if has worked .... Perhaps if I had an easel for watercolour or a higher table I could stand as I too find standing makes it easier to judge what you have been doing! Oil Painting is done standing up. I haven't done any for a while so beware!

iv never painted stood :-p i always sit to paint :-) i think this is a lovely loose painting :-)

I love the immediacy of the piece, Jane! And you've captured a lot of atmosphere too. It's lovely.

I have never really tried painting standing up, but must try now! Lovely loose painting - absolutely no fiddling in sight!

Thanks, everyone, for taking the time to look and comment.Gudrun, perhaps a combination of sitting and standing is a good one. I think the standing approach will help keep things loose, but you do need an easel with the right tilt in it - I think that's probably more important for watercolours than for oils. Thea, look forward to seeing your standing experiment. Fiona, will keep using this approach and see what happens, and many thanks Rebecca and Seok - your comments are appreciated.

Part if the 'I was sat' and 'I was stood' debate - but whether you were stood or sat the the result here is great

Many thanks Michael.

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Well Fiona, I stood and painted this in a shortish time between one thing and another this afternoon. Personally I find I fiddle too much when I paint sitting down, but there is no question that further practice is needed standing up! Think I will try again soon...

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