Shining Cliff Wood


Delightful sensitive painting, with excellent aerial perspective.

Love the colours and recession Carole. Also the twigginess of the winter trees.

Love trees Carole and this painting almost speaks to you. The subtle background brings the foreground trees forward so beautifully.

Beautiful trees, Carole. Seems we were all painting trees😀😍

This is fantastic, Carole. Love the texture and the colours, great composition!

Super Carole, the twiggy bits are beautifully done.

Thanks so much for your comments, really appreciate them :)

Those trees are exquisite in their form Carole, great colours too!

Love this - very effective. It does remind me a little of the background to a painting of the Erl-king, but that's the beauty of a good painting, you can find your own meaning in it. (Der Erl-Koenig - Schubert; just in case you didn't know and want to look it up.)

Beautifully painted, has a lovely quality to it

Interesting and very effective trees.

Brilliant Carole lovely recession and just enough detail on the foreground trees.

Lovely Carole!

This is lovely, Carole - I especially like the colour and textures on the foreground trees.

I really like this one, separation of the foreground and background is excellently executed.

Lovely painting Carole, simple palette and good composition. Creates the atmosphere of the area beautifully.

This is superb Carole and you have painted it beautifully.

Lovely delicate painting Carole.

Brilliantly painted Carole, I love the way you've created so much depth.

Beautiful painting, Carole, so evocative of Winter woodland.

So well painted. Lovely subtle colour and shadows.

Thanks so much to many tree loving people. for your kind comments. Robert, the wicked elf is behind the middle tree ;)

Really lovely Carole

Wonderful depth Carole and beautiful trees.

A beautiful painting Carole.

Beautifully painted Carole. Wonderful scene.

There is just something about trees that are lovely to paint, especially in winter, you have made a really good job of these Carole.

Absolutely beautiful Carole.

I like this sense of depth! This is beautiful Carole!

Wonderful trees and like the pale yellow light shining from behind.

I love treees, wonderful painting Carole.

Very atmospheric, beautiful

Lovely tree-trunks and nice edges with texture. The watercolour with ink worked well, such lovely trees and spindly branches, Carole.

Beautiful painting Carole, very atmospheric

Delightful layers of trees and mistiness. I feel there’s a story to this....deep in the woods...!

Very kind thank you again for taking a look and leaving a comment :)

Thank you for the 'exquisite ' Gudrun :)

A big WOW Carole!

Lovely work. Just like a local 'Rough Wood' I know of. The aerial perspective is just right and there is a real 'scratchy' feel to the twiggy growth. Regards John.

Thanks Detlev. Thanks John very kind.

Technic and observation skills so very good Carole.

Nice work Carole,I keep saying I am going to do something with trees lol.

Thank you very much John and Shaun.

Hang on Studio Wall

For my daughter who like to walk her dog there. Watercolour and acrylic ink. I started this a while back and posted it on here. Now finished.

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