You haven't lost your touch, this is lovely. The lemons are beautiful and the colours so right. My lemon tree is shivering away in the greenhouse with -5 outside! This picture brings hope of warmer days.

This is beautiful wish i could paint watercolours like you ! i get fed up waiting for it to dry.

Lovely fresh study, the leaves are particularly well observed. I see perhaps a touch of spring..... Very well done.

Beautiful. The light and shade of the lemons, the variety of colour in the leaves - lots of wonderful things to admire and enjoy.

Painted with a sure touch. Lovely.

A lovely image Carole...You have a great talent with watercolour...Steve.

Happy new year Carole. This painting is beautiful...such delicate colours. You're soooo skillful at watercolours. I'm just getting back behind the easel myself after the Christmas break.

Thank you so much everyone. I was reluctant to post this as thought it was in between sloppy botanical work and maybe not loose enough for other work. You have made my day! Happy New Year to you Kate and thanks.

Happy New Year Carole, this is really lovely.

looks wonderful to me carole .

Smashing, the wet in wet really shows off the texture of the lemon skin.

It's the way you run the paint in the edges of the leaves that is the skilful bit, making them look natural without hard edges. Very nice but I wouldn't want to eat them.

Thank you Lorraine, jane, Diana and John for your kind comments.

Beautiful painting Carole. I'm so glad you did post it as it has inspired me to pick up my brushes after a rather lethargic period. Thank you.

Hang on Studio Wall

Just getting my brush swinging again after a lapse over the holiday. 10" x 8"

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