Hint of Spring

Hint of Spring

Gorgeous pinks, looks stunning already Carole.. you do beautiful flowers 👍🏻

Just lovely Carole....

Oh, if only Carole....but we mustn't wish our life away! Lovely to look at.

Thanks Rachel very kind, I used very dilute quinacridone red. Thanks Jim :)

Lovely style of drawing Carole, roll on spring!

I like that

So light and delicate, Carole, super.

Love the delicacy of this Carole. It looks very fragile. Beautiful.

Thank you Marjorie, Alan, Alan, Mia and Carole, very kind.

That's already looking so good Carole, not sure if I would add too much more, lovely as it is.

So pretty as it is Carole.

I think it is lovely as it is Carole :)

Thanks very much, I have added some tiny detail in the blossom centres, and odd bits of shading in the petals so will leave it now. Thanks for your help girls.

Live it alone, it's so delicate and stunning, Carole.

Lovely hint of Spring. We have got the first signs of Almond blossom and so we should have lovely drifts of white and pink in a couple of weeks. Roll on Spring.

I like it as it is Carole. It would look lovely on a wedding outfit!

Lovely and fresh, Carol.

Oh wow Carole.......super.

Thanks again for taking time to comment everyone, I will post my finished painting tomorrow as the light isn't good now.

Looks marvellous as it is Carole!

Beautiful, delicate - do you think it is finished already?

Gorgeous work Carol! I wish Spring would hurry up and come.

Very much appreciate your comments thank you.

Thanks Russell, when it gets light I will post my finished pic.

A lovely delicate piece of art--look forward to the finished work well done Carole

Hang on Studio Wall

WIP. Thought I would put this on now as a bit stuck, a sure sign I will ruin it eventually! Watercolour, bit of ink.

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Self- taught artist, I have dabbled in watercolours for many years on and off. My first love is flower painting in watercolour. Now trying many different media including acrylic inks, gouache, all types of pencils to try loose-ish semi abstract images.

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