Another version of a poppy

Another version of a poppy

Hi Carole, this is lovely and vibrant. It hadn't occurred to me, but now that you mention it, yes, I wonder if a little soft foliage might work quite well, perhaps in the area of the two stalks to somehow make different sense of the space between and around them? Just a thought and it's lovely as it is. I like the soft/hard edges contrasts in the petals.

Utterly beautiful, I like it's simplicity and the focus of the center of the poppy.

This is really lovely. I think it looks just right as it is. The fact that the poppy is sort of 'poised' at the top of the slender stalks gives more emphasis to the poppy itself. And I love the bud too!

Oh Carole, how can anyone compete with you and your beautiful flowers.

Sumptuous Carole.........that bud looks as though it's about to burst into flower at any moment!

I think that you've probably already decided whether to add more leaves or not! I couldn't advise but I know that whatever you decide will work. I always find that after posting paintings on here I can usually see if I need to make any alterations. I'm not sure why this happens but seeing them on screen seems to help. As it is now, it is absolutely lovely and well up to your usual high standard. Possibly more leaves, not sure :)

Super work as always, wouldn't want to give you any advice, as you are so obviously the flower expert!! Well done.

Carole a beautiful painting - vibrant and beautifully painted as usual.

I agree with everyone, another beautiful painting Carole

A beautiful vibrant flower that brightens a grey January morning ! Lovely.

A beautiful vibrant flower that brightens a grey January morning ! Lovely.

Thank you all so much, I really appreciate your comments. In the end I probably will add a bit more usually because I mess about far too much! I will put it away for a while then come back to it later. Thanks again for your encouraging words.

Just lovely as it is Carole and, would you believe it?, I have got one just coming into bloom in the gardesn - what a crazy season

This is lovely Carole, the petals are beautiful.

Thank you Michael. The weather is really odd for the season, first freezing then warm, nothing knows what to do! Thank you Lorraine for your kind comment.

I like it as it is, Carole! It is a gorgeous piece - it's so vibrant and the petals fall so very naturally. Superb!

Everyone has said it all Carole, absolutely stunning.

Many thanks Seok and Val, much appreciated.

It is perfect as it is :)

I leave a comment on one of your work but I could say on all of them that they are so beautifully well accomplished!

Hang on Studio Wall

watercolour, inktense, coloured pencil and gold leaf. Not sure whether to add any more leaves around the poppy. Any suggestions gratefully received. Measures 13 x13"

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