Little cherry blossom tree

Little cherry blossom tree

Oh Carole this is lovely. Such pretty colours and it really does look delicate.

Your flower paintings are really beautiful, Carole.

Lovely, delicate painting Carole.

Posted on Wed 18 Apr 19:49:36

You’ve caught the delicacy so well Carole.

Beautifully painted as usual Carole,

Another superb flower painting Carole.

Thank you very much all.

Wonderful work carole. x

It does look lovely and delicate Carole and you have painted it so beautifully.

So delicate and beautifully painted Carole. Lovely.

Yes the colours are excellent Carole.

I can't keep up with your production rate Carole, you love your painting. Beautifully drawn in your unmistakeable style.

Oh dear, Carole, that is so beautiful. It made me want to stupid, but we had a lovely flowering cherry in our garden in UK...memories!!! It's just gorgeous. So well observed

Beautifully painted Carole 😀

Thanks so much, sorry for making you cry Thalia, I know some things trigger memories from way back. I smelt wallflowers this morning and it took me right back to my great grandparents garden over sixty years ago.

If I smell Douglas Fir, it takes me back to my grandad who died when I was 5, so did David John's picture today, of a potting shed! No worries Carole I'm just a sentimental old fool!

No you're not Thalia, we treasure these memories :)

The cherry blossom here is only just coming out. This is so pretty and delicate Carole, beautiful.

Hang on Studio Wall

Watercolour. This tree is so delicate, the blossom so small against the bronze coloured leaves, it is the earliest tree to flower in my garden.

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