What's not to like? Beautiful colours. Nice earthy textures.

T's a beauty Carole. But ask yourself is that gold really needed. Then again that's only my thought.

Ps is see your message. if you wanted to use the gold I would suggest using it very sparingly say on the branches, but just a touch. Quite often less is more.

From my perspective it is spiffing Carole. Long live the magnolia. I have three plants in the last 4 years and none will flower, yet.

To like or not to like? It depends. If you look at this painting so to darken all colours (e.g., properly inclining the computer screen), I don't dislike it. On the other hand, light colours mixed with gold clash. Of course, this is an entirely personal feeling.

Usually more colour in the leaves Carloe

I thinks it's very beautiful except for the gold but that could be just the photograph. They stand out and detract from the painting on my screen but perhaps not so in real life? I love the whiteness of the magnolias against that background.

Thanks for all your suggestions I find them really interesting. I did this one a year or so back, didn't like it. So used the gold as I just bought some mirror foil and tried it on this reject. So John I agree it is too much. I think there are too many colours and the ones I used are discordant? Enzio you are right, to darken the colours cuts out those discordant ones a bit. Michael and Peter thanks for your vote of confidence ;))

Superb painting Carole one of your best I think

Really beautiful so good Carole!!

It is a real eye catcher, Carole, that is what it is!! Super! Can't see anything wrong with it.

Lovely, Carole. Very Ann Blockley, which is a compliment, since I love Ann's work. I find Mixed Medium quite difficult to do. I have tried it with some really good artists, but haven't quite connected with it yet!!! This painting looks good to me though. Unlike John, I like the Gold fabric Catkins!! { by coincidence, I have just posted my first mixed medium paintings}

I disagree with all but Dennis! It's got textures through painting techniques and the gold, ass well as a fabulous light. It's exciting and unashamedly bold in its celebration of the magnolia!

I thank you for your valuable feedback it all helps to find our mistakes and the ones we think we made. All so helpful I appreciate every one of them :)

Another beautiful painting, Carole, I like the colours and the washes.

Carole, I like the composition and colours - and the gold leaf! I do find, though, that the bottom half of the central flower jumps out a bit from the rest of the painting and looks a bit unfinished and might benefit from some stronger colour to anchor it to the rest of the painting (although I might be entirely wrong about this!)

PS. I also love this 'Ann Blockley' style - something I've never managed to achieve, it's more difficult than it looks!

Thank you Jenny for pointing that out. I will rectify ! Thank you Cesare for your comment.

I like this one Carole, good strong colours and the gold is just right.

I'm in the "love everything about it " camp Carole. The gold adds the difference and makes it more memorable.

Like the gold good to experiment

Oh thanks girls glad you like the gold, lovely to get different opinions.

I love your background Carole, but I agree with some comments that perhaps the gold is too much, but I really like it anyway.

I honestly love it Carole, deep mysterious blues and blacks behind the bright petals. Super!

I have always made it known Carole that there is no good of bad paintings and that opinions vary so much. For me this painting is all that I would love to achieve. The mix of colours in the background, the looseness but vibrancy of the flowers and very very best of all the GOLD. I have some Schminke aqua gold, silver and copper and I have only had the courage to use the silver very sparingly (so that you can hardly see it) I am dying to use them more and so far the opportunity hasn't arisen. So for me the gold just finishes it nicely. At the end of the day, just go for what you really want to do as opinions will always vary.

Beautiful and vibrating colours.

Really grateful for you comments ladies thank you. Adele thanks for the reassurance, it is lovely to add a bit of sparkle, get cracking! ;)

Personally I really like the gold, and it is a striking painting! For me the only thing that I would 'change' is the very dark blue on the left side, it makes the painting feel a little bit off balance. If that would be lighter then the eye would continue around the painting.

Sorry Carole this must be the first of your botanicals I am not sure about, maybe it's because of the mixed media and how that has affected things, but the Magnolia flower do not seem to have the usual crispness ot real definition which is your signature, they look a little lost in everything else that is going on. Sorry, I am not of your standard in my own painting but just my observation of this one in comparison to your others, no offence intended.

Malcolm do not apologise none of us like everything! The reason I put this on here was to see what was wrong with it, it is one of those paintings that seem a bit off:) but can't put finger on it. So thank you for your input. Jenny thank you, I appreciate your comment as you know all about mixed media. I a grew too many dark bits perhaps there is no harmony?

I think sometimes Carole, people get used to a certain style being used by an artist. In some ways it is good to have your work recognised but in others ways, it can narrow your personal options. It's like reading reviews on a product you wish to buy - some say "this is wonderful" and some say "waste of money", and you are left not knowing what to do. Perhaps this painting looks a little off to you because it is a little different to your usual ones. As I said before, go with what you want to do. I shall have to use my sparkles as well. See, you have given me confidence so can't be bad.

It's a real stunner, Carole! So full of depth, texture and atmosphere. I really like it very much.

Thank you Seok, very kind. Adele probably like some actors being 'typecast ' ;))

I think this is great. Taking away the gold, and I think defining the form more on the two front lower petals might be an idea? But overall great contrast and energy.

Such a beautiful painting!

Hang on Studio Wall

Mixed media. Not sure about this, well don't like it to be honest. Thought I would see what you thought, be honest!

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