Clematis Montana

Clematis Montana

A lovely painting Carole, you have caught this climbing clematis so well, I love the trailing tendrils and the delicate pink of the Montana Rubens is so well painted. Also like the grey leaves in the background.

One of my favourite flowers Carole , one of mine died with a combination of Beast from the East and old age . But another one really was lovely. As usual this is a delight. I like the way you make flowers your own , sometimes I think that Botanical painting paintings are very “ samey” yours never are .

Instantly recognisable as yours, Carole! So delicate, precious even! Gorgeous work!

Gorgeous Carole

Lovely Carole. Beautifully delicate, and the colours are a joy.

Very good Carole. What I would like to achieve !

Its a beauty Carole.. so delicately painted. I have this one in my garden, its finished flowering now but it was absolutely covered and lasted longer than usual x

Lovely light touch, very nice.

Posted by C Jones on Mon 04 Jun 17:52:52

Lovely painting of a beautiful flower well done Carole

Lovely painting of this popular plant Carole. Yes this year seems to be good for ours too. Something to do with not bring battered with wind and rain, I think!

Beautiful delicate work Carole, just love it.

Many thanks for all your encouraging feedback :)

Another beautiful flower painting Carole. These can be quite outstanding when there are a lot of them together.

Thank you Dorothy very kind.

Sorry but I have only just seen this lovely painting. Well done.

Lovely work as always Carole....

So obviously a "Carole Swingler" and beautifully painted as always. Publishers are missing out, one needs to snap you up and put all of your flower paintings in a book :)

Tony and Sylvia, thanks so much. Val, there's too many much better than me but you are too kind thank you for the vote of confidence 😊

Love the way you combine strength with delicacy Carole. This is so lovely and instantly recogniseable as your work.

Very kind thank you Carole :)

How gorgeous this looks Carole, beautifully painted.

You always pay good attention to the leave Carole which I feel are just as important as the flowers. Super piece.

Thanks John and Thanks Maureen for your kind comments.

This is so lovely, and I love the 'ghost' leaves in the background.

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Watercolour, this plant did so well this year.

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