Fairy Fantasy


Always like a bit of sprinkled fairy dust, good one Carole, love your imagination

Aw thanks Heather I was expecting a bit of ridicule:)

Love it Carole, especially the fairy dust and the swirls are like pretty fossils. Very clever.

Excellent painting Carole and beautifully painted.

Ridicule I can't see that happening Carole. Love to see artists stepping out of their comfort zone and using imagination which is a gift in itself. Certainly a magical tree you have done.

What a tree. Great to see fantasy. Love it.

Thank you you are all very kind! There is a lighter side to the tree and a dark side where the hobgoblins live 😱

Love your very imaginative, fantasy pieces Carole. Such lovely fluidity, colours and loads of interest.

Superb - love the intrigue this painting displays!

Everyone needs a sprinkle of fairy dust from time to time. Very imaginative and looks beautiful.

A very magical tree with all those extras, very interesting, painting.

Thank you Carole, Denise, David and Lesley :)

Very interesting so much to look at. Love your textures and colours. Lovely imagination

No ridicule from me Carole. I think it is super! Wonderful imagination translated into such an interesting painting.

Love fantasy, Carole - and the gold leaf is very effective.

It’s amazing Carole, I’m loving looking at it - it brings back all those fairy stories I loved. Even then, the illustrations were just as important.

Faye, Diane, Michael, Jenny and Marjorie thank you for your very encouraging comments. I love using gold leaf it goes well with fantasy stuff, I will have to get my thinking cap on for other possibilities.

This is gorgeous, Carole. I can see it as an illustration in a child’s book.

I love the escapism of your recent work Carole, it’s like slipping in to another world.

Ellen very kind of you to say that. Yes Fiona, nice to leave all bad news behind, thanks for your comment.

Wonderfully lively piece, Carole, full of energy and a sense of movement.

Thank you Seok so kind of you to say.

Such a beautiful tree, Carole! You have mastered it's lovely character!

Hang on Studio Wall

Watercolour, coloured pencil gold leaf . A bit of fairy dust for you! ;).

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