Tree of life

Tree of life

It's different, it's red and I like it!

Very bold and clever. Nice one.

The Tree of Life, not the tree of good and evil. That's good. This is great Carole. Oakmoss. Do you mean something taken from the tree?

Thanks boys, yes John it is a lichen taken from oak trees. It is used in perfumes as the smell is beautiful and I think it helps preserve. I bought a bag full from eBay you can use it in pot pourri.

This is really lovely Carole so vibrant and the true meaning of the Tree of Life.

You clever girl Carole! This is superb and I love everything in it!

More amazingness Carole. The colours reminded me of pomegranate.

Carole, you are very inventive. This one looks like a gold jewel.

Goodness, what a great result as well Carole, very inventive and great to see.

Great stuff and it has worked well Carole.

Wow, this is very different Carole, I love the textures and colours. I'd be interested to know the size.

It is very small as it is just an experiment Margaret 9 x 9cms thanks very much for your comment.

Thanks all for your kind encouragement.

Very inventive Carole, great texture and the red and gold look good.

A beautiful combination of elements, Carole! I love your choice of colours and the texture you've achieved - the very essence of life itself!

Thank you Fiona and thank you Wib, very kind.


Posted by T H on Sat 24 Sep 22:54:46
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Experiment with oakmoss and acrylics

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