Fiona's challenge, 10 min sketch. Waiting for the wisteria

Fiona's challenge, 10 min sketch. Waiting for the wisteria

Reminds me I need to prune the wisteria thanks Fiona :)) oh and I'm freezing to death now, it's just stopped snowing 😱

Very clever in the time Carole.

Great drawing, Carole. There’s nothing like sketching in the garden to show up all the pruning that’s needed.

Nice one. Very wintry.

Nice one, Carole, looks more realistic than my grapevine.

Another 10 minutes well spent !!

Thanks all, the wisteria is much bushier than this but I 'simplified' as fingers were blue and numb :))

Very nice Carole . It will be a long wait if this weather continues.

Your suffering has paid off Carole, it’s a beauty. You’ve risen to the challenge admirably, and in snow too.....that’s dedication to your Love the way the Wisteria twines around the posts. I had one growing up one of the houses I lived in, didn’t look forward to getting up the ladder to prune it twice a year.

Well done for braving the weather Carole. It's a good sketch!

Great sketch Carole, roll on summer 😀

Thanks very much..... More snow this afternoon! Fiona it's a job and a half trying to cut back the long whip like growth, I have long handle shears and they are so heavy, most gets left but always full of flowers, well, eventually if ever this ice age melts!

That’s a lovely sketch Carole

Great sketching, Carole!

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