Departing rose


That's so well done, that rose really is on its last legs. Really excellent work. Nothing much left in our garden, just a few begonias waiting for the first frost.

Thanks Lew. The red rose still has buds coming too but they now just wilt and drop off, it has flowered since early Spring.

The perfect look of the flower finally giving up against age and the elements Carole. Love the dusky reds/pinks together with the aged rust of the leaves. I still have two roses flowering, the fourth time this year for one of them.

There is nobody better at painting botanical studies, another superbly drawn study Carole.

You do this sort of thing superbly Carole. Such acute observation.

Beautiful painting Carole

There is beauty in everything, which you have shown in this piece Carole, beautiful.

This is really good and I like the fact that it's a bloom that's fading, great colours too

We still have a few roses trying to come out but not very successful! I think they’re about done for this year. This is beautifully and very skilfully painted Carole.

I echo everyone's comments Carole, it's a beautiful study.

Thanks very much for your kind comments they are very much appreciated.

Superb painting Carole, the change in colours is great.

So true to life as the days of a beautiful are numbered well done Carole

Beautiful as ever, Carole.

So kind, thank you Tao and thank you Cesare.

Beautifully captured, Carole...those last few days of a flowers life....I always hate to throw them away !

Oooh, you're good Carole. This one is a beauty!

Lovely, Carole - beautifully painted.

Thank you Chandra, Louise and Margaret very kind .

Another super botanical study.

Thanks Stephen and thank you Gudrun very kind.

Excellent. I'll go through your various galleries catching up on your recent paintings, just a matter of trying to find your late 2019 ones! Love your paintings but may not be able to comment on all. Wish they'd get the notifications working again, it made it so much easier.

Thanks Sandra, please don't worry about comments. The new site logs me out every time I leave the website so sometimes I cannot be bothered to keep logging in. I never used to get notifications on the old site but I do now :)

This new site seems to work in some strange ways Carole. I always used to get notifications for the artists I follow, now I don't, whereas with you it's the other way round. I've flagged this twice and have been told they're working on it, seems to be taking far too long, seeing that this functionality works perfectly on the Forum! Also you can if you want mark "remember me for a week" when you log in - unless this is another function that doesn't work for all. It does for me and would save you from having to log in each time.

Hi again Sandra, yes I've tried 'log me in for 7days'. also not bothered to tick it and it still logs me out! Never mind, all websites have their foibles 😂 Hoping you will be posting your work again soon Sandra.

I posted two new ones yesterday Carole, Segments. I'll post a Christmas one today if I can get it photographed properly. The wide format is proving challenging!

Sandra just seen your two lovely vibrant paintings you are back on a roll ;)

Hang on Studio Wall

Watercolour. I combined two of my roses for this one, the deep dark red from my David Austin 'Munstead Wood' and the white / pink from a white rose, I think called 'Message' from Woolworths (bought before it closed down) Sad but I love roses when they are on their way out...

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