Spring Flowers

Spring Flowers

Great quick sketch Carole.

It's a beautiful quick sketch Carole, hope it brightens up!

Holiday weather is on it's way! You have done a lovely drawing while you are waiting for the sun, Carole. I always love the way you create your knarled branches and twigs, it gives them character.

This is so lovely and fresh, Carole.

Posted by C Jones on Wed 02 May 13:11:26

Lovely technique there Carole

Lovely sketch Carole.

Beautiful sketch Carole,

Lovely sketch, Carole.

Lovely sketch Carole, great bark on the branches.

Thanks all very much, very kind.... the rain has stopped now thank heavens! 🤗

Beautifully drawn Carole. Well the sun is out here but it's bloomin' cold!

A beautiful sketch, Carole.

So delicately drawn Carole, your pencil work is so good.

Haven’t you got a rainmate Carole? Can you remember those awful plastic hoods, my mother’s ultimate form of humiliating me as a teenager....making me wear one! Lol. Sorry, I digress! Quick or not Carole, this has lots of detail.....I like how you have left some of the flowers, (snowdrops?) untouched.

Great work carole x.

Thanks all very much. Thanks Fiona for the memory yes I remember the blooming things 😂 Thanks Russ x

Definitely a "Carole"...hope the sunshines for you over the weekend ...has been lovely here today at last!

Hang on Studio Wall

Quick sketch as it's raining out there. -- holiday weather! ??

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