Iris Seeds

Iris Seeds

Excellent painting Carole, really well painted

I didn't have to look for a name I knew it was you!! meticulous without being clinical - and those red berries have the wow factor!!

Brilliant Carole! Composition and colours are wonderful. You've managed such a depth of red..... what paper and pencils have you used please? If I may be so curious!!!!!

Another stunner Carole - so vibrant and beautiful composition.

Thanks Petra, Debs, Michael and Avril for your encouraging comments, I really appreciate them. Avril I used Prismacolour waxy soft pencils and Winsor Newton heavy cartridge paper which isn't suitable really as the pressure of the pencil lifted some bits of paper off. The paper should be good quality hot-pressed 140gms it says in my book. I shall have to get some!

What lovely work, I was surprised to see you had used pencil. I haven't used them for a while. Did you use the 'Zest-it' ? I have bought some after you suggested it but haven't got round to using it yet.. The colour of your berries is beautiful. Thank you for your kind comments on my last piece.

Thanks Sue for taking time to comment. No I didn't use Zest it this time, just a blending and burnisher pencil.

You really are getting so good with those pencils! Beautiful study - the berries are amazing. Glad you left the background out as the white paper adds that lightness to the work.

Carole, this is GORGEOUS! It's an absolute gem - great shapes and composition and wonderful colors. Really, really love it!

THank you Thea and thanks Seok, very kind.

This is lovely Carole I have some of these in my garden and I believe they are called Stinking Iris but they don't smell and the actual flowers are almost insignificant. It's the berries which you have painted so beautifully that are the best part of the plant. I think it's just great.

Posted by Joy Lee on Fri 16 Sep 12:47:47

Thanks Joy for your naming of this, I wasn't sure if it was the yellow iris or your version I seem to have got muddled on this. We have an insignifcant pale bluey iris too. is this the stinking one lol!

I hope you didn't mind me explaining what it actually is but it has always fascinated me so much so I brought the plant with me when I moved. It originally appeared in my garden in the sticks from nowhere some years ago hence the research.It does however have a small blue flower and it amazed me when it produced such large seed heads so I should think yes is the answer to your question. It was lovely to see it painted.

Posted by Joy Lee on Sat 17 Sep 14:59:43

I do appreciate your information Joy, it's always good to learn about plants. Really glad you like my effort in coloured pencils as I'm not used to them. Thanks again, Carole.

Hang on Studio Wall

Coloured pencil, practicing as I want to do a 2 day workshop next month.

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