Magnolia seed pods


Beautifully observed, Carole, and I imagine you totally absorbed in it.

Very good indeed Carole. The more I zoom in the better it looks - such careful attention to detail.

Beautifully done, Carole - lovely composition and bold colours.

So beautifully drawn and coloured Carole , I particularly like the damaged leaves I think it adds so much looks better than all been perfect.

Green and pink work really well together, lovely work.

Thank you all. Shirley so absorbed I have a crick in my neck! Michael the more I zoom in the rougher it gets😂 Very kind comments thank you.

Some lovely details here Carole - especially the slightly damaged leaves.

Excellent Carole

Love the fluidity of the composition and the contrasting greens and reds. Wonderful detail Carole

Immaculate detail Carole.

Lovely Carole really nice work

Lovely detail and colour,someone's had a nibble at the leaves,

So beautiful and really unusual, I've never seen them! Love the way you've depicted those chunky leaves!


Absolutely agree with damaged leaves comments. Another beauty Carole !

Another lovely little painting Carole…

Thank you very much for your encouraging comments :)

Beautifully observed and drawn.

Great botanical painting

Beautifully done Carole, the detail is excellent.

It is very good. It has been hot. It is back to normal here now.

Thank you Christine, Heather, Katy and Gudrun.

I missed this Carole. I’m late to comment but I agree with all that’s been said, it’s so beautifully painted. Love the nibbled leaf.

Thank you Fiona, always good to receive your comments…

Brilliant work

Hang on Studio Wall

Coloured pencil. My magnolia has green seed pods , I substituted the pods with lovely pink pods which I found on garden sites. Not the best work but it was too hot ( my excuse)

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