Elegant and perfectly painted as usual, Carole; Love it!

Stunning! They look so elegant!

Lovely botanical painting, super delicately painted

Absolutely beautiful, love this flower

Beautifully painted Carole.

Very nicely painted Carole. Beautiful flowers (no deformity there! )

Beautifully delicate, Carole.

Thank you all for your interesting comments!

This is so lovely and so well done!

Beautifully painted Carole

Not sure I can add what hasn't already been. But a beautiful illustration so good Carole. You must be pleased with your self take a bow.

Lovely painting- I likethe way you have faced the blooms in different directions

A lovely assortment of blooms and such delicate, pretty colours Calole.

Sorry ‘Carole’

Nicely painted Carole.

Delicate and dainty Scabious Carole, love the curl of the petals.

A beautiful painting, Carole!

Beautifully painted, Carole!

Thanks so much for all your generous comments, so encouraging.

Such a beautiful blue/violet. Mine are not nearly so nice, they’re pale yellow. And composed beautifully, too, Carole.

Really delicately painted,I tried painting a scabious that I found on a walk and found it very difficult so gave up. Your painting has inspired me to have another go.

Thanks Marjorie and Anne. These grow wild in a lane near my daughter’s home.

So enjoy your paintings Carole .

Thank you Sylvia that is so kind x

Beautifully painted Carole. I photographed lots of these growing near a mooring at Fotheringhay the other day with the intention of painting them. They were full of bees and Small Tortoiseshell. Lovely farm which sets aside lots of field edge for wildlife 😊

So delicate and beautiful

As always Carole, and pleased I caught up with this one !

Thanks Katy, nice to hear some farms care for wildlife. Thanks Romila, very kind. Thank you Richard for you lovely comment.

Love scabious and these are lovely Carole. Are they the big garden job? Or the small wild sheep’s bit variety? .

Thanks Sylvia, I used the the hedgerow one , might have made petals bigger though.

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