SGT. Duncan Ferguson.....

SGT. Duncan Ferguson.....

Fiona that is such a touching story and your painting does him proud. Well done.

A lovely tribute, Fiona.

What a fine story, and a painting to match.

One of the best and most moving stories I've ever read, Fiona. Your painting is such an appropriate tribute. Wonderful poppy with a sombre and penetrating background, beautifully understated. Bri

Carol, Margaret, Lewis....thank you. My grandfather and father were in W1and W11 and I have their medals but the medal belonging to SGT Ferguson is a was picked up for a few pounds from some flea market and that makes me sad. On the morning of my birthday, the day he was killed, I think of as long as I keep having birthdays, someone will remember him!

Totally moving and lovely Fiona, and very appropriate for the time.

Thank you Brian and Jim, for your touching and thoughtful comments. Some may say a strange gift for a birthday present but the giver knew it would be treated with respect, reverence and most importantly, remembrance.

Nice one Fiona, very touching story.

Such a moving story and a beautiful little painting to remember them all. Thank you Fiona.

Truly touching. This just confirms my opinion of your kind and compassionate nature amongst other lovely ones I can't confirm as I haven't met you in person.

This is so striking and full of feeling. Wonderful tribute Fiona.

Such a moving sentiment Fiona and a lovely back story. Such a sad tale that the medal was found in a market.

Chris, Rachel, Satu, Gudrun, Carole, Margaret......thank you all very much for your kind and thoughtful comments. I feel privileged to honour Duncan and the rest, more than once a year.

What a touching and thought provoking birthday present to receive Fiona and such a lovely way to honour him and everyone else who lost their lives with this lovely painting.

Lovely Fiona, nicely portrayed. I'll put my second tribute on in the morning.

Many thanks Val and Alan. I’ll look out for it Alan!

Well done Fiona,a lovely painting ,thank you for sharing your story with us. We will never forget those young soldiers who fought for our freedom.

How sad and yet how lovely of you to remember Duncan Ferguson in this way.

Thank you Annick and Louise.

Hang on Studio Wall

.......8th BTN. Black Watch. Born and enlisted Greenock, K.I.A. France 14/07/1916 High Wood, Somme. Duncan Ferguson is a stranger to me, I was given his service medal for a birthday present many years ago, he was killed in action on my birth date, that is the only link Duncan and I have. But I have his medal framed and it stands on my desk and every time I touch it I remember him and all the other strangers that gave their lives........

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