The Spirit Keeper

The Spirit Keeper

I'm with you Fiona, I like crows too. This is super and the background is an ideal choice for your crow.

This is great, Fiona, I also like crows. The background with what looks like a knotted wood pattern is very effective.

Very clever birds too Fiona. Your Lino cut is very good!

Excellent Lino cut Fiona., normally can recognise your work, but this one slipped right under the radar. As for liking crows...all birds I adore, even crows. Well done.

Your linocuts get better and better Fiona, this is really excellent! I love crows too. The ones down here vie with the seagulls for positions on the beach huts.

Prehistoric birds they are and quite fascinating. Your Lino cut is truly lovely Fiona!!

It&#39;s comforting to know that Crows have some fans and friends out there. Because this pair are so close to the house and aren&#39;t too bothered by me being around, I can really watch them. I find their behaviour fascinating, clever isn&#39;t the word....I set them tasks which are food based but they surprise me at every turn.<br /><br />I wasn&#39;t sure whether this one turned out too naive in it&#39;s design....but I&#39;m glad you like it...thank you all very much.

very beautiful Fiona and I love Crows my favourite bird so clever I know loads as I feed them dried dog food . they know me and they come when I call them it sounds like fantasie but its true .

Love this Fiona it&#39;s beautifully crafted image , you put me to shame I&#39;ve never even attempted a Lino cut :)

Gorgeous linocut Fiona. You have captured some lovely movement with your lines. I agree with you Fiona, they are lovely birds - I like all the Corvid family, including the cheeky magpies! A lovely piece of work.

Good solid work Fiona, everything is right about this print, excellent progress.

I believe you Dennis! I didn&#39;t say in my write up but I feed these two. I also have Magpies that come in to feed...which is my favourite bird....when the Crows let them that is. One day last week we had the whole family of seven feeding on some dried cat biscuits that I had put out. Thank you for your comment Dennis, I might try one of the Magpie next.

Thank you very much Dermot, why not give it a try. <br /><br />My favourite bird is the Magpie Julie, I had one as a pet when I was a youngster, beautiful birds. Thanks for your comment.<br /><br />Thank you for your continued support Alan X

This is lovely work Fiona. I too like Crows. They are magnificent puzzle solvers. I saw one on Facebook recently solve 8 separate puzzles to get the food. Fascinating.

Thanks very much Peter, yes they are amazing birds.

It&#39;s because they are intelligent that they have become part of myths! Love this.

Thanks Gudrun!!

Sorry, a bit late, (bad time of year) but I really do like this, much prefer it to the real thing :) Your tree bark background sets it off perfectly.

Thank you Val. Yes I was thinking about you only yesterday, and the time of year.

Hang on Studio Wall

Lino cut. We have a pair of crows that are resident in the garden, which accept our presence and are quite approachable. My husband took a wonderful close up shot of one and I did this lino cut from it. We call them the undertakers, they have a mixed connection to man through myth and legend......I think they are a Marmite bird.....personally I love them!

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