Old Roman Bridge - for Michael Mc

Old Roman Bridge - for Michael Mc

Beautiful translucency Fiona

It's charming Fiona. A well executed bridge within your beautiful landscape style. Cool! Thank you very much. I'm honoured. I'll get pleasure now from creating something for you.

nice work Fiona lucky Michael

Just so beautiful Fiona

This looks lovely Fiona - are you sure you are able to cross it? I wouldn't chance it.

Like this very much wish I could something like it.

It's brill F - as for the reflections it's not too late - just a bit more pen work and some really dark reflections - go on - you know you can do it. But it doesn't really trouble me as it is.

Should have added - I'm quite jealous of M Mc

Nice work in your lovely style, Fiona.

Looks an interesting spot Fiona, nice bright sky and I like the pen work. You could crop a bit off the bottom if you are unhappy with the reflections.

I llke your reflections.....

Like the colours Fiona and the bridge and I agree with you some of the old bridges are that narrow there are some clapper bridges that only one pony could pass on. I do not usually make comment on your work so I apologise but I must agree with your own assessment about the reflection of the bridge, the reflection structure seems wrong and there are also no corresponding reflections for the other immediate solid surroundings of the bridge like the rocks in pen work, SORRY. But as always I love the colours and pen work.

What a great bridge this is F, your usual way of working which is always exciting, yes, a loaded brush of a darker colour will put that reflection right in seconds.

An interesting painting, Fiona, but must agree with Malcolm re lack of surrounding reflections. Love the view through the bridge. I don't comment much these days - just cannot keep up with all the good stuff on here!

Always beautiful Fiona. I do love the colours.

Love the strong composition and pen work in this one Fiona - and your distinctive colours! (I'm struggling to get any painting done at the moment, energies have been diverted to the garden!)

love your palette Fiona very good work the reflections work

Very similar to the stone bridge at Carrbridge Fiona. Expertly painted as ever with your inimitable lively pen work.

Great palette here Fiona and I think that this is very charming.

Lovely light so clear beautiful palette Fiona.

I immediately saw that this was one of yours, Fiona. Beautiful pen and wash with a delicate, limited palette. Well done :) Mia

Many thanks everyone for your thoughts on this, especially the reflections. I'll load my brush up with colour, take a deep breath and slap it on.....I think. Or, I might just drop it in the bottom of the draw.lol Thanks again X

Hang on Studio Wall

16" x 12" Pen & wash. This old Roman bridge spans the river Minnoch, in Galloway. It really is that narrow at the top. When crossing it you wonder whether it will hold! Back to my regular palette for this as it was done from a photo which I took in the Autumn/winter. Made a bit of a mess of the bridge reflections Michael.

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