Quink Sketch

Quink Sketch

Beautiful sketch, Fiona, you have rendered very well body's shapes.

That's fantastic Fiona! You've really got the tones/shapes right. The absence of faces etc. just give it that extra artistic touch.

Wow, Fiona, the 'bits in between' are fantastic. Great sketch!

Very different for you Fiona. Well done .

Crikey, this is good Fiona :)

You don't leave much to the imagination Fiona. The poor woman has fainted and this kind man has come to help her back on here feet.

I like it Fiona. Lovely loose sketch.

Well well well.... Phew fiona... You've certainly concentrated on the bits in between... This is smokin' gal..... I loveeeee it...

Very arty and well painted Fiona well done , and even more well done with the yellowhammer let's hope she can now have a nice life .

Gosh, hot stuff for a Sunday morning but very well painted.

Lovely sketch Fiona, love the tones you have achieved,

Thanks very much everyone.....I think I need more practice!

You have used the ink so well Fiona, shadows just where they should be, everything else 'wow'!

I'm with Carole. Wow. What can I add? I could add a steamy pair of dancers, but I think I have flooded the gallery with those!

Thank you very much ladies!

Truly fantastic study of these gorgeous bodies Fiona!!

Must admit had to study it to find her head, but it's a smashing piece and I think to omit parts is fine.

Excellent work Fiona very expressive .... I hope the pure woman doesn't catch a cold or a chill without her sensible cardi on :)

Well I think it is beautiful, Fiona, certainly not RUBBISH!! Fancy the old Quink Ink being used for painting with! Terrific result too!

Thank you Satu, really glad you like them! Thanks Derek, she has lost her head completely, I think I would in her position! lol Thank you very much Dermot, I think she left her cardi just out of shot......although I doubt she'll be feeling the cold! Many thanks Jennifer, appreciate your very kind comment.

I know Michael......sigh.....thanks very much.

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Black Quink ink on Jackson's rough paper. Rubbish hands and face....I concentrated more on the 'bits' in between! lol

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