'The Raven'...How about a doodle to represent your favourite horror movie?

'The Raven'...How about a doodle to represent your favourite horror movie?

Good idea. Lets get our thinking caps on.

Ooooh what a challenge, I will have to put my thinking cap on.

There's a wealth of idea's out there.....this could also be for 'The Birds'.

You've caught the atmosphere well here Fiona. I accept your challenge.

That bird looks peckish Fiona. Michael will do well at this he has been doing horror all week lol.

How about another Sawney Bean Mick...lol John this should be easy for Michael and yourself, you have a great imagination!

Annette has always said I'm a nightmare.

Good doodle and good idea Fiona!

This is great, Fiona.. and a great idea too.

What a great challenge, Fiona. I have a movie in mind, but I can't remember the title. I am sure it will come....

they look like some of Johns birds he paints after a night on the tiles! brilliantly drawn Fiona who's Vincent Price?lol

Never mind the smart talk Mr Harrison. Let's see what you can do. Oh and don't come back six weeks later detail man.

That's funny Mick, that's exactly what Julian (my better half) says about me!lol Louise, your must have picked the scariest movie ever with the Exorcist! Yikes! Heather with your skill you could do something amazing. Give me a clue Mia....look forward to seeing your scary movie.

WHO'S VINCENT PRICE??????? You know he's the master of horror voices, google him reading 'The Raven' by Edgar Allen Poe! My birds do look a bit on the rough side don't they...so come on David, as John has said, get your charcoal out and do something terrifying.....and detail is definitely banned!! Well said John....lol!

Oh this is good Fiona in your lovely style. I will gave to have a think.

cor blimey you and John are working as a team

Thanks Carole, yes have a go! That's right David, a little light bullying......have you done one yet? lol

I remembered that is was about a girl with lots of blood all over her: Cassie or Carrie... looking it up on the internet, I found it to be Carrie, made in 1976 by Brian de Palma. I just posted a 10min doodle. I hope it is scary enough, Fiona.

That front raven looks positively evil Fiona, so scary.

Thank you very much ladies!

Hang on Studio Wall

16" x 12" Indian & Quink ink doodle. It's Friday night......anyone remember the Twilight Zone, Vincent Price in 'The Raven' and all those great/terrible old horror movies? This is one of my favourites, put the cushion away and paint yours...lol

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